• 1. Turn on the device and launch the mobile app:

    Power on your BikeOn device. Open the BikeOn app on your mobile device and connect it to your BikeOn device.

  • 2. Initiate Firmware Update:

    You will either be prompted to upgrade the firmware on the main screen, or you can navigate to the settings and press the "Firmware Update" button.

  • 3. Device Firmware Update Screen:

    Once on the Device Firmware Update screen, press the "Upload Firmware" button.

  • 4. Firmware Update Process:

    Upon pressing the "Upload Firmware" button, the Device Firmware Update process will start.

    For iOS devices, the update takes approximately 3 minutes.

    For Android devices, the update takes approximately 6 minutes.

    Important: Do not close the app during the update process.

  • 5. Confirmation Screen:

    Once the new firmware is uploaded, a confirmation screen will appear.

  • 6. Device Reboot:

    Wait for 5-15 seconds while the device reboots. During this time, you will see a "Connecting" screen.

    Once the app reconnects to the device, you will see the Firmware Upload Confirmation screen again.

  • 7. Verify Firmware Update:

    Restart the app. Go to the settings screen and ensure that the firmware is updated to the latest version.