BikeOn Water Bottle Battery 250 Wh 36 V Li-ion, with charger

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Made in USA. Ships from California

  • The electric bike battery is in the shape and size of a water bottle and fits all bike frames that have a standard water bottle holder. 
  • The battery is 36V 7AH nominal, suitable for 500W/350W/200W motors. 
  • Max constant discharge current: 20A (burst). 
  • Constant discharge current: 14A.
  • Size: 235mm length, 74.5mm diameter. 
  • Built of genuine LG cells. 
  • Built in Battery Management System with protection against over charge, over discharge, over current and short circuit, it  ensures long life expectancy.
  • Charger (included): 42V 3A . 
  • On/off button to save power.
  • LED on/off indicator, built in to the on/off button.
  • State of charge LED indicator.
  • Six months Warranty and  Technical Support